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Nuovo Record Bidons

Nuovo Record Bidons

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Stylized after a bunch of old Italian bike parts, comes a gruppo designed for hydration and doodles to fill in the blanks. 26 oz bottles because they come from Texas, and we need to stay 'drated 'round here! 7 Colors to chose from: Pink, Blue, Turquoise, Yellow, FRED YellowGreen, White, Orange. Click this to go to an Imgur album with larger photos of the bidons Shipping within the US on 2 bottles is $7.50 I believe, and anything up to 15 bottles would be $12. Not sure how many I can fit into the $7.50 packaging, so will have to charge 12 until I've dropped a couple off at the post office. If you need shipping internationally, please email me at and we can figure everything out. Sorry I'm not that pro at ecommerce haha #fred
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